YouTube up to 10,000 $ contest : WillFind – Free favorites in the cloud
 WillFind.biz is proud to present a video film creating contest with prizes ranging from 1,000$ to  10,000 $ (USD) at the 1st stage.
The film should be in English and based on original creativity. Advantage will be given to a funny one, which will finally show the point of the useful use of our portal with the personal links - free favorites in the cloud.
Our goal is to gain as many users who will benefit the advantage to use WillFind.biz with managing their personal links in its cloud.
We will measure both the number of views of each film and the new users WillFind.biz will get by reference from the film.
For participating in the contests please:
  1. Fill out the participating form at : http://g1948.com/CLIENTS/YouTube_%20contest_WillFind1/
  2. Make your film and publish it on YouTube
  3. Fill out the participating form again , this time with the url of your film at YouTube
The minimum for being applied to a prize is a film with 10,000 unique viewers at least that will gain at least 1000 new, real and continual users at the personal links of WillFind.biz.
More about WillFind.biz :
WillFind was based on the successful Hebrew portal:  g1948.com – The graphical links portal .
The idea is to give the users graphic portal (home page) that contains all the most common used sites for the relevant language in a nice graphic interface.
In addition the portal has "personal links" (or My Links) option , so users who use that can store their favorites (or bookmarks) so it can be accessed and managed from any browser and any device (PC, iPhone, Android and more), in cloud computing format.
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