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The best way to bookmark favorites is to use favorites or bookmarks in the cloud. In order to define personal links/Favorites in the cloud of the portal WillFind.biz please follow the next steps:

• New user login:
Please register to personal links / favorites in the cloud by clicking on the "manage your links" from the main page of the portal WillFind.biz
• Establish and manage links in the Links Management screen. Any change or addition you make will appear later on the portal home page of your own entrance. Should be noted that you click the Save button to save changes or updates. In Specific version of the management screen appeared button "Add New." Note that this button is used to ignore what you put on the screen and start working on the new link.
You can see the following fields in the manage your links screen
◦ URL: This field is the real address, or URL. This is clearly a required field so the portal will know where to redirect when you click on a personal link
◦ Site Name: Although this field is optional - you may want to type a value if there is difference between the site name and the URL, or you want to have a short note or name to mark that preferred site.
◦ Subject: Although this field is optional, using it will enable you to enjoy the full power of orderly management Favorites in the cloud. The default (if you don't set value) is: My Links. If you have established any subject at the past, you can use the combo box and select that topic. If there is no previous subject or you need a new subject that is not listed, you can add your subject in the field: Other.
◦ Requires Password: If you mark that check box, then it will not allow navigating to this link from the home page without typing the password you use to manage your links. It is very useful for those users at workplace or other public places that from time to time leave the computer when the browser remains on screen and logged to the your user at the portal.
◦ Adults only: by this field you can create compartmentalization (separation) between the appropriate links to "everyone" (include co-workers and family members) to those who you want to keep for your private use only. Hyperlink marked "Adult only" will not appear on the personal links part of the main page of the portal , unless you marked while entering that "This time show also Adults Only links"
At the end of the settings , click on "Save" ( button "Add New " is used for something else as explained )
When you finish enter or update link (s) you can click "Back to Main Page", then you will see the main page of the portal with your personal link (s). You Have favorites on a cloud! You can enjoy all the benefits of using smart online and centralized storage of favorites, once and for all devices regardless of their kind.
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