We are looking for partners for running the WillFind.biz portal in more languages

WillFind was based on the successful Hebrew portal: g1948.com – The graphical links portal
The idea is to give the users graphic portal (home page) that contains all the most common used sites for the relevant language in a nice graphic interface.

In addition the portal has "personal links" (or My Links) option , so users that use that can store their favorites (or bookmarks) so it can be accessed and managed from any browser and any device (PC, iPhone and more).
The business model is go gain profits from advertising (member of the Google Adsense advertising chain)

Some of the advantages of the cooperation
  • The partner will have access to all the tools and management software for managing the new version in his language
  • There will be no initial expenses, from the partner side, for the code and servers for setting the new version.
  • Any improvements that we will develop will be installed for all the versions , include the new language one , with our new partner
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