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social networkWillFind.biz is a visual portal or home page that presents a table of graphic links to the most popular web sites and also personal links to registered users. WillFind was based on the successful Hebrew portal: g1948.com – The graphical links portal The idea is to give the users graphic portal (home page) that contains all the most common used sites for the relevant language in a nice graphic interface. In addition the portal has "personal links" (or My Links) option , so users who use that can store their favorites (or bookmarks) so it can be accessed and managed from any browser and any device (PC, iPhone and more).
Social network of Social bookmarking  
The portal has advanced but easy to use social network for sharing your bookmarks or favorites list. You can get the list of bookmarks from other person who shares his links or share your own links that you specifically choose to share, so let others to follow you.
WillFind.biz has special option to limit the share to approved followers, so Master can know that every follower will be sent to his approval before that follower can see the shared links and follow.
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