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A unique sites building platform (CMS) for SEO and construction of internet sites that requires no technical knowledge

Site Example - IcelandA comprehensive promotional website can be constructed with proven SEO advantages. The construction of search engine promoted sites is easy and simple; you can choose to purchase articles and content from our company, or to create your own. Many sites constructed on BetterPress rank highly on the first page of Google Text and images can be easily incorporated. The content and images are automatically framed, giving the site a designer look. There is no limit to the volume of text, menus and images that can be input
What kind of sites can be constructed using the BetterPress system?
Sites consisting of articles intended to promote your main internet site
A promotional site that you can use as you main internet site while benefiting from the built-in advantages of BetterPress's SEO

The advantages of BetterPress
Our system is one of the best when it comes to SE compatibility and preparation for marketing on the internet, promoting mainly on Google:

BetterPress is built to ensure that Google reads all the content on every page of the site.
BetterPress performs actions automatically that promote the site on Google.
The system has built-in Google Analytics (a leading statistical tool by Google), on every page of the site containing content.
The system supports Flash video clips that do not interfere with SEO.
Customers can store content, including a large inventory of images, on our system, at no additional charge, on condition that the material is relevant to the site.
The customer has full control of the content, menus and submenus (the menus are not predetermined).
Design is consistent, with countless possible options to choose from. For example, main headings on the site will all have the same design chosen and defined by the site owner for main headings, requiring no additional effort.
And what about design? The site owner can determine the "look and feel" of the site by choosing from a vast variety of colors and menu backgrounds. The site that you're on now was also constructed using BetterPress!