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Mainframe Systems - The software department

The software department of Mainframe Systems Ltd. is an Israeli software & Internet company located at Tel Aviv zone. Our main goal is to deliver the maximum advantage to our clients by our technology. We do both software development for organizations and develop our own special enterprises (mainly for Shield1, our Real estate and equity investments department).
The sub departments in our software company:
  • The Social networks and Portals department
    That department has built WillFind.biz – Social network for sharing Internet favorites & Portal
  • The software development department
    We supply quality software solutions at competitive prices with successful cooperation with our partners and workers in India. Our special expertise is developing Hebrew (and any other foreign language) software solutions (Hebrew or other language at the master version) by Indian software engineers who do not speak that foreign language.
We served over the years organizations of wide range of size, starting from those who are in the top 25 list in size in Israel and lasting with medium and small companies.
We also have activities in the Internet & SEO field. We have built special CMS software with excellent results serving the SEO activity for our clients.
We serve our customers since 1997. First by the software company Global Information we owned, and since 2002 by Mainframe Systems. In 2004 the activity of the two companies combined into Mainframe Systems while Global Information remained a software brand of Mainframe Systems.
Eran Ron, founder and the CEO of the company, has both Business management (summa cum laude) and Computer science degrees from top Israeli universities. His experience since 1992 includes roles in management and technology and consulting in those areas.
Our clients list over the years include:
  • Leumi bank
  • Discount bank
  • The Israeli government
  • Naamat - Israeli largest women organization
  • Many others in the car industry, construction, marketing and more.
WillFind.biz - Social network & Portal
  personal links  
WillFind.biz is a visual portal or home page that presents a table of graphic links to the most popular web sites and also personal links to registered users. Users that use that can store their favorites (or bookmarks)...
Business opportunities
  Business opportunities  
Mainframe Systems Ltd. offers several opportunities to partner with us. There are programs to individuals with no funds and offer for investors...
  Site Promoter  
A unique sites building platform (CMS) for SEO and construction of internet sites that requires no technical knowledge. Many sites constructed on BetterPress rank highly on the first page of Google...
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